VM setup - Cant locate the VM


I was trying to set up bahmni but the github is not available to all IP addresses https://github.com/Bhamni/bahmni-environment

I know @emerson mentioned that they had a vm setup at the Mozambique conference . Is this still the case ?


Can you say more about what this means?

This is accessible to me - https://bahmni-repo.twhosted.com/ Are you looking at another location?

Hello Judy, thanks for trying out Bahmni. Please follow this link to setup a development environment.

We could help better if you tell us what you are trying to achieve.

@mujir i think my issue os

The following are the pre-requisite to execute the curl command that follows.
Your github user needs to added into Bhamni project
Your ssh public key need to be there in your github account

I want to check out the look and feel of bahmni thats all

@sunbiz thanks for the link

By the way, if you just want to check out the look and feel of Bahmni, you can go to bahmni.org and click on the Demo link.

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As Darius mentioned the demo site would be an easy way to check the look and feel of bahmni. Let me know if you need to install it locally.