Vitals not displaying in Bahmni Connect Patient Dashboard

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(liam hahne) #1

These are the vital stats on the server at sync:


but in Bahmni Connect they are not displaying, even though all the other widgets’ data is displaying fine.


(liam hahne) #2

I’m following the procedure described here:

(liam hahne) #3

We actually fixed this by using concept sets instead of the indivitual set members, e.g.:


  •                    "Height",
  •                    "WeighT",


  •                   "Nutritional Values",

Unfortunately another issue is now causing Vitals to sometimes not be saved, going from registration to patient dashboard. It could be connected to patient not having an assigned ID while offline, any ideas? Also Diagnoses are having intermittent save issues.

Bahmni Connect: Unable to enter diagnosis for patient
(Ryan Mangahas) #4

Same errors encountered now. Is there a workaround for this issue sir?

(Ryan Mangahas) #5

I have shown the “encounters” not being synced, but manually using T-Sql commands in mysql. I noticed that the event_log is not syncing with event_records, so I need to do this:

How to automatically sync this, please help. Thank you.