Visits DO NOT synchronize in OFFLINE Mode

We follow next steps

-STEP 1: Once we are in our user session, we started the app without conection. ( WE CAN NOT START A NEW VISIT) -STEP 2: We filled up the Vitals Form and a toast pops-up with the next message: “The form will be synchronize once you recover conection” -STEP 3: When we turn on our conection, another toast comes up with the message: "The form has synchronized succsesfully but IT DOES NOT.

Can you guys help us.


Hi @jotadeweed95 for sharing this. Could you please share the log if you its access ? I think it is related to this issue: We’ll try to resolve this issue asap.


log android bug.txt.txt (279.6 KB) HERE YOU ARE!

Thanks for all

In fact we do not download the patient, we create it through “Register Patient” in the app (offline-mode) but we can not start a visit in that mode therefore we can not filled in the vitals formulary ( we can but it does not synchronize when we reach connection)