Virtual Course: "Intro to OpenMRS 3 for Developers" Academy is *Live*!

Dearest community, I’m so excited to announce that we have a new course on the OpenMRS Virtual Academy:

New Course: Intro to OpenMRS 3 for Developers! :tada: :student:

Try it out today here:

Syllabus: What’s in this course?

  • Technical Overview of OpenMRS 3
    • Introducing OpenMRS version 3
    • Powered by Microfrontends
    • The O3 Design System and UI Tools
    • Basics of O3 Technology
  • Set Up O3
    • Setting Up O3 with Docker
    • Set up O3 with the OpenMRS SDK
  • Configure your O3 instance
    • How to Configure O3 with JSON
    • How to create and edit Forms in O3
  • Hello World!
    • O3 Frontend Development: Live Coding Session & Hello World in 10 Mins
    • O3 Frontend Module Development
    • The O3 Extension System
  • Building Features on O3
    • Using the OpenMRS APIs (REST and FHIR)
    • Community Code Conventions and Other Key Topics
    • OpenMRS Frontend Config Conventions
    • Developing for Configurability
  • Challenge Yourself with More Detailed Quizzes (optional)
    • Using Webpack
    • O3 Engineering Tools & Principles
    • Bonus Detailed Lecture: OpenMRS 3 Software Components
    • You did it! How to request a certificate

Can I get a Certificate?

Yes! If you complete the course and pass all the quizzes, you can request a Certificate of Completion. Here’s a sample:

What if I just want the YouTube playlist with the must-know stuff?

Sure! Here it is:


Huge Thank You’s:

This course was made possible thanks to these wonderful community members:

And a huge thank you to the PEPFAR TAP mechanism and our partners at PATH whose support made it possible for our Global Support Team to invest the time later this year to put this together into an online course for better O3 onboarding (along with all the video editing work this entailed)!


This is amazing! :tada: Thanks a ton @grace for taking the lead on this! :white_heart: This will also definitely come in handy for new contributors preparing for GSoC.


Great coverage of the O3 content, gone through the sections and quizzes. I’d fancy coding challenges in the quizzes though! :smiley:


Thank you so much to the @UWash team for having some members go through the course and share feedback. Key points discovered by @miirochristopher:

  • Should be a way to show which answers are incorrect after the first attempt so that one can be able to correct them.
  • Extension System Quiz needs checking with the current documentation; some answers being flagged as incorrect.

I’ll follow up on these!

More feedback welcome :smiley: