Viewing the effects of the change in code on Openmrs-core

i an working on a Trunk ticket in Openmrs-core. How can i view that the changes i have made in the code has taken the correct implementation, or has solved what the ticket wanted.

  • Identify the problem basing on the ticket description.

  • Gather relevant information on the possible solution.

  • Iterate potential solutions.

  • Test your solution using mvn clean install to confirm it builds successfully.

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i am sorry to ask, but from which sources can i gather more information about a ticket except google. Learning more about a ticket gives me hard time because google provides limited information on OpenMRS things.

Its fine. Sometimes when the information is scanty, feel free to reach out to the person who created the ticket because is the one with the clear picture of what is expected , Senior devs or the community using TALK.

What do u mean by the statement Iterate potential solutions.

Iteration is the repetition of a process in order to generate a solution. When working on a ticket you have many possible solutions. Its after trying each solution that you will narrow down to one which solves the problem.

Ok now i have understood it clearly. thank you so much

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Now generally , if a change is done in the core , it may have the following effects

  1. A data model change /data base model change. To view that , you build the core and just deploy the core war file in a servlet container eg Tomcat ,connect to a database, run and take note of the data base changes

  2. Service/Api logical change. to see the change in the service logic change , you can simply write test units ,or rather deploy the war file as above and try out the change

  3. UI change. Rarely ,some times a change may lead to UI changes. Now to view a UI change , you simpy have to deploy the core war file , load the necesary UI module and have a look at the UI change

Good morning. Does Deploying the war file mean that i have to paste the war file in the the folder named Server?

The command mvn clean install i ran yesterday show Build Failure. Does this mean that the changes i made have made maters worse or the problem is from another source??

that simply means your build was not successful!! by the way,according to your ticket,are you able to tell where you will see the changes from??

I too have a similar question, can openmrs-sdk be used to observe the changes?

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yes it can

yes! i will see the changes from the installation wizard.
It will report(show):

  1. OpenMRS Core [version] Installation
  2. OpenMRS Platform [version] Installation
  3. OpenMRS RefApp [version] Installation

Thanks @herbert24, I was able to find a reference to it here,

mvn openmrs-sdk:setup-platform -Dversion=2.0.0-SNAPSHOT -o, is this still valid? Iā€™m assuming setup-platform is now just setup and -Dversion should match the local openmrs-core version?

Hello guys! Right now I am running OpenMRS Core.
I would request you to guide me on how to start running OpenMRS Platform and OpenMRS RefApp. So that I can see the installation wizard and there source codes.

help me with the commands that I can use to run the above Openmrs projects.

hei @jnsereko did you get this solved??

I cloned them and i got the files in my working directory. @herbert24, did in a right way or :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

are you able to see the effects?

i executed the command maven jetty:run but i got a build failure. maybe i had to enter the webApp folder before before running the command. Anyways i got confused and i unclaimed the ticket :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

could you try setting up the sdk from here