Viewing HTML Forms in the Ref App UI

How can a user be enabled to view an HTML Form in the Ref App UI - currently only a summary of the information entered is available on the visits tab.

The reason for this is that its easier for the users to carry out data verification with a screen similar to the input one used to enter the data.

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For the fields that do not show up, were they answered when submitting the form?

@dkayiwa the data is shown however due to changes in labels for concept questions, we would like to display the form in the same format that the data was entered

So which labels are shown?

@dkayiwa the default names of the concepts yet on the data collection forms different labels are created

The display on the visits tab is

The actual form looks like

So you want the summary to display the actual form as it appears in your second image?

@dkayiwa I am happy to have the summary form as it is, with a link to a view page to show my current form, along with an edit link to change any data if needed

Isn’t the edit already provided by the pencil icon?

@dkayiwa what we are looking for is a view rather than edit … as there is potential to make erroneous and unplanned changes

You can create a ticket for adding a view icon just before the edit one.

FYI: It is only possible to edit forms that are built into the Reference App.

@arbaughj for now they are using a temporary hack which is simply to install the xforms module that enables editing of all implementation custom forms.

No, not this. (What @ssmusoke is saying is that the current “preview” display is incorrect, so what he wants to do is to replace that preview display.)

If I remember right, it is possible to change the display that’s used for a particular encounter type, to instead display it with the HTML Form. And I think you do this with the “encounterTemplates” extension point. But I forget the details.

@darius I am fine with not changing the current preview display, but I would like to have a link to view the data in the rendered form as there are labels that change plus a certain order that matches the paper based tools.

Okay, but regardless, the intention with UI as designed is that the down arrow button is for displaying the encounter. So we should get that to work correctly for you.

@darius The preview is fine as it shows a nice summary of the data entered. The other challenge with forms especially in the Uganda implementation is that they can get very wide so will distort the page, which is why I am looking for a link for someone who specifically needs the formatting of the original form with the filled data.

I see. So perhaps we want an optional link (turned on or off per-encounter-type), that would view the form full screen (rather, as its own page).

@darius exactly