Viewing all patients

Hello all, I have a question about finding patient on the system.
How is it possible to view/generate a list of all patients on the system?

Thank you all

Did you get a chance to look at?

@dkayiwa amazing as always. One question, so I created simple patient per row with first/last name. I want to add patient diagnosis next to them. How is this possible ?

Thanks again

Do you have a screenshot or mockup for how this would look like?

@dkayiwa something like this

I know how to add all components except the diagnosis. Any idea?

@yadamz, I don’t think there’s anything built-in for this, but you can probably do it via a SQL Patient Data definition.

However I’m not sure what it means to have a “diagnosis” column in a row-per-patient report. What happens if a patient comes to the clinic multiple times?

How do you want to display multiple diagnosis for the same patient?

@dkayiwa same cell where the diagnosis is … however, what I am looking forward is a list of patients with a list of diagnosis for each patient . As long as it is possible to read the report , I am not particulare about the layout .

@darius thanks … Such report might become important in larger size clinics where u might give handout report between nurses/aids and in teaching new staff and students.

Hello @yadamz, iam really interested how you add all components to your list? did you manage your list with from a database with sql statement, or how you did you make it? thank you in advance!