Video: The Seven Righteous Fights by Heidi Waterhouse

From friend of OpenMRS Heidi Waterhouse, this talk from RubyConf 2015, “The Seven Righteous Fights”. What are Heidi’s 7 righteous fights?

  1. Localization: Are you ever planning on selling this to someone in another country?
  2. Viewability: Do you want anyone over 40 to use this? (hint, software users are over 40)
  3. Extensibility: What makes you so sure this API will always be internal?
  4. Documentation: People do not buy software solely based on powerpoints. You need public docs. The docs have to be more useful than stack overflow.
  5. Affordance: UI is not a word. The microtext matters.
  6. Acceptance: Have you shown this to any actual humans who are like the users?
  7. Accessibility: We all use computers different ways. Does your software allow that?

According to Heidi, having these fights early prevents you from doing the software equivalent of poking chocolate chips into already-baked cookies.

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