vagrant up issue

Hello, my name is samrawit . I am from Ethiopia. I have a bachelors degree in health informatics from university of Gondar. currently, I am working on bahmni customization. I installed bahmni on my pc of windows 11 OS. first it worked but changes made from default config doesn’t sync to UI. so I uninstalled and reinstalled every of the required files. and I am stuck. vagrant up keeps bringing errors. It says : The “metadata.json” file for the box ‘bahmni-team/bahmni’ was not found. Boxes require this file in order for Vagrant to determine the provider it was made for. If you made the box, please add a “metadata.json” file to it. If someone else made the box, please notify the box creator that the box is corrupt. Documentation for box file format can be found at the URL below:

i need your help.