Using the OpenMRS Standalone version in production!

At the beginning of this month, i was in Nigeria and got very shocked to find out that they have had the standalone version of OpenMRS used in production for more than 100 sites, for a good number of years. I would like them to share their experiences with, in particular the standalone version and why they chose it instead of the Enterprise version. And any challenges they may be facing.

cc @ggomez @brightoibe

Yea we faced “Out of memory” challenge in some of our large sites above 15000+ patients. We had to increase the JVM memory to continue running. We also leart that Ubuntu 32 bit will not allow you to increase JVM memory above 2G. We had to upgrade all our servers to Ubuntu 64 bit which supports a 64 bit JVM.

Standalone version has been very easy for end users to start, stop, backup and manage. Especially for low patient load volume sites.

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Then this means its great since all our work as developers is to make a product as friendly and easily usable by our end users as possible :pray:t5: :pray:t5: :grinning: