Using the OpenMRS most recent reference app with the openmrs-esm-billing-app and openmrs-module-insuranceclaims.

I am looking into the efficacy of using OpenMRS as a medical record system for healthposts in rwanda and interested in capturing the billing and insurance payment information. Is there anyone currently using the modules: GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-billing-app: Billing microfrontend for O3 and GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-insuranceclaims: For checking patient insurance enrolment on registration (in external Insurance Management Information System) status and submitting claims (managing patient billing)? If is there anything I need to know about it’s dependancy of OpenMRS app versions or anything important to know?

@tristan88 - you may want to connect with others in the Rwanda OpenMRS community, as there are existing modules used in many places in Rwanda that cover billing and insurance requirements there.

@jberchmas / @nic10ben / @jbyiringiro have been involved in this work and may be able to provide some guidance.


Thank you, I’ll look into that.