Using the drug order tag from HTML form entry in openmrs versions 2.x

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f7514c29120> #<Tag:0x00007f7514c28ef0> #<Tag:0x00007f7514c28e00>

I am currently using openmrs-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and htmlformentry-3.10.0-SNAPSHOT. If I try to use the inside my forms I get the following error on my console:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.openmrs.Drug.getDoseStrength()Ljava/lang/Double;
at org.openmrs.module.htmlformentry.element.DrugOrderSubmissionElement.handleSubmission(

On debugging I realized that the Drug entity has been updated since openmrs-core-1.9 and it is being used in the old version here.

I have tried to look into the compatibility classes, not quite sure about that yet. Any suggestions or guides shall be a big help.

@mksd @sameermotwani11 @mukesh

Can you start by creating a ticket for this?