Using Standalone version

OpenMRS Standalone Version: Replace this text with one of: Platform, Reference Application, Bahmni, (Other – Please specify) V2.0.0: Replace this text with the version number of the above application your question is about.

Question: Replace the following text with your question or problem. If applicable, describe your problem in detail. I am confused between the difference of the standalone version and the enterprise version. I am a physical therapist hoping to begin independent telehealth services and wish to use OpenMRS application for my personal documentation and patient records. Is the standalone version adequate for my needs, or is it only for demo?

Hi there @miachiaro I recommend using Openmrs Standalone in your use case, would be a good option given it’s ease of use. You’ll just need to run the openmrs-standalone.jar file and it will be up and running, though both of them do work the same.

You can see THIS for detail on openmrs standalone and enterprise.

In addition to what @odorajonathan has said, @ggomez can you also share your experience with the standalone version of OpenMRS in production?

@miachiaro For small scale implementation setting up OpenMRS Enterprise will be a little bit tough for you. I have successfully deployed a Standalone version to more than 500 hospitals and you’ll be amazed the performance of standalone version if it’s deployed on a good system with average specifications.

Thank you all for your replies, I’m up and running!