Using radiology module with PACS which is not dcm4chee

Has anyone tried using radiology module with any PACS which is different from dcm4chee? Wanted suggestions on the following questions-

  • How much adaptations (if any) are required to achieve this?
  • Which were the PACS with which this was successful (apart from dcm4chee)?

Inputs would be really helpful.

Tagging some of the people involved - @teleivo @vinay @arjun @swathivarkala

dear @vvinay,

the module uses protocols such as HL7, DICOM so it is not necessarily tied to dcm4chee.

I havent tried any PACS together with but thats because I dont know any other open source PACS that has a DICOM modality worklist (MWL) which is what the radiology module relies on.

The technical features we need the PACS to have in order for the radiology module to work are:

  • can receive HL7v2 ORM messages (specifically version 2.3.1 at the moment) to create orders in its DICOM MWL
  • sends DICOM MPPS messages on updates of the orders in the DICOM MWL

You might be able to get to work, but I have never tried it. There is a DICOM MWL plugin see

It would be great if you would try it out and give us feedback since the module aims to be independent of the PACS implementation. I am sure there would be some changes needed for it to work, but we are definitely willing to make them.

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Thanks @teleivo for the response.

We were considering the possibilities of using the radiology module for integrating with any of the commercial PACS which hospitals would have procured. With the context you have provided, it will help in checking the feasibility.