Using OpenMRS to provide Mental Health Services

@emwashuma2 @emwashuma and her team are working on building a tool to help manage mental health patients at their facilities in Kenya. They would like to engage with other community members who are working in this area.

@emwashuma2 Please do elaborate further on this talk thread on your interests and potential engagement areas.

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Tagging @sanjayap for possible discussion with Shreedhar and Health Foundation Nepal.

We’ve done some limited mental health support in work we’ve done in Mozambique. Would be happy to talk more about where their might be lessons to share.

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i hope this will make openmrs more usefull and growing for future, This now shows the future of openmrs. due to new innovation and creativity around the community good work @c.antwi,@janflowers and@akanter.


I will personally be interested in this engagement. I’ve done some work as a music therapist for mentally I’ll people in Uganda. I want to be engaged in this too.


Thanks @c.antwi for making the introductions. Hi all. As @c.antwi said we are customizing OpenMRS system to fit within client needs for mental health medical records system. We are now finalizing the requirements definition and key indicator definition and then embark on customisation of OpenMRS. Happy to share any specific information and also hoping to learn from everyone experiences in implementing mental health EMR systems using OpenMRS

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Wow @lufafa that sounds really interesting! I’d love to hear more about the music therapy approach, even if it’s not directly related to OpenMRS. :slight_smile:

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Partners In Health / Zanmi Lasante has been using OpenMRS for Mental Health Assessment in Haiti. We are upgrading now with additional content.

This will give you some idea of the system (htmlforms, reports, program enrollment, etc):

In addition, we are also using OpenMRS for Mental Health data in rural districts in Malawi, Rwanda, and Liberia. The Liberia and Haiti implementations are similar. The Malawi and Rwanda systems are built on earlier versions of OpenMRS.

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@janflowers i have done the project for 5 years and the documentation of my findings and proceedings is available. in case we need to share some experience

@ball thanks for sharing this information. let me read through and learn more

@ball thanks for the forms. i have read through and i wish for us to capture patients feeding trend. in some research i did we found that feeding of patients had a great role to play in the patient response to medication and therapy. I’m imagining doctors would be interested in knowing how some patients are fed. and for research purposes it would be good to be equipped with this element on the form. thanks

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@emwashuma2 Would it be possible for you to share the requirements for the application you are building? are there specific asks you may have from the community about their previous experiences building their application for this service area?


We are using Bahmni for two of our Municipal Model PHC since 3 years. I am happy to share on what and how we are using. Programatic form design and implementation has been successfully deployed.

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H Jan, could share with me your how you went about this. We embarking on upgrading our EMR from a Access Database for a mental hospital and would like to user OpenMRS.

Hi Sanjay, Our Hospital would like implememt Bahmi for Mental Health. How can you help with your experience with bahmni

@abilimb See my post (Sept 2019) on this thread. It describes our Mental Health forms and metadata used in Haiti. In addition to Haiti, we use OpenMRS for mental health in Rwanda, Malawi, Liberia, and Mexico. We are using RefApp (not Bahmni) for this clinical area and most Partners In Health projects. (The exception is that we use Bahmni for the endTB project.)

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