Using OpenMRS Operation Theatre Module

Any experiences with Openmrs Operation Theatre Module ?

Is there any demo environment where I can see the module installed?

Just from googling I believe it must be the work that was done as part of this Summer 2014 internship project:

And this must summarize the output: (and it includes a youtube video)

I am wondering this is compatible with latest openmrs. Documentation doesn’t talk about the installation steps as well. Although I tried to install the operation theatre omod, doesn’t look like it is working.

If you just want to play around with a demo, I would first try installing this on top of the 2.0 or 2.1 releases of the Reference Application. (Actually we called these “OpenMRS 2.0” and “OpenMRS 2.1”.) E.g. download the standalone of those from and add on this module.

In practice, this module builds against Platform 1.9.7, so to make it work today you would need to do what’s described in this wiki page about making a module work on both Platform 2.0+ and below.

(If this modules uses Orders, you’d also need to upgrade it to the new Order Entry API introduced in Platform 1.10. Quickly searching the code I don’t think this is an issue.)