Using openmrs-module-commonlabtest

I need a lab module in the OpenMRS. I need to add blood sugar and cholesterol levels of patients.

I am exploring this module:

I am not getting the UI to add lab order and lab test result for patients. These is the UI seen.

Here is my distro file configurations

Can you anyone please help? Thank you.

@krishnashetty0000 Have you looked at it’s wiki ?

Hi, I have checked, but no clue It mentions that it was tested in legacy ui. My assumption is that it would also work with reference application.

@krishnashetty0000 did you look at

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@tendomart Thank you. I added the Test Type and Attribute in the Admin UI as below:

I still don’t see the Lab Tests tab for patients. Am I missing anything else?

Looks like this module’s UI doesn’t show up with ReferenceApplication by default. Is there a way to enable it?

Did you confirm it loaded successfully on the module list page ?

It seems loaded successfully. Please see below screenshots:


Any hints to fix this?

Or, is there any other module using which we can track blood sugar, cholesterol and etc?

Tried out , but doesn’t seem to work.

Did you evaluate this?

I have tried this, it doesn’t work

What do you mean by it doesn’t work?

The issue is that I am not able to see the UI to enter lab test order and result. I have installed the Order Entry UI module. Please see below screenshots.

I also just tried out openconceptlab and simplelabentry. None of these show up in the UI so that I can add lab test/result for a patient. This is my distro file:

Am I missing anything or there is not any working lab oder module in OpenMRS currently?

Can you take a look at this demo to see if it has the features that you are looking for?

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