Using OpenMRS code style in Android Client instead of IntelliJ's default

There was one GCI task for changing the code style of our Android Client to that of IntelliJ’s default code style.

Won’t it be better if we use OpenMRS code style instead of IntelliJ’s default to maintain uniformity across all our projects (since they all use Java)?

PS: Its just my personal suggestion :smiley:

cc: @f4ww4z @suthagar23 @dkayiwa

Thank You!

I request mentors to please increase the instances of this task it just appeared for 2 days and got away cc: @f4ww4z, @suthagar23

Hii @devanshk09, this is a coding task which requires making changes on the actual repository which can be done only once, so this task had instance count of only 1. So, It wont return back

ok I understand

On a similar note, we do need some more coding tasks. I have none left and haven’t found one for a week.

P.S. Looking forward to even more stats tomorrow.

Yup we’re on it.

That’s a good point actually, we need to use the formatter given in this page. I’ve just made the changes to the issue description.

Also, there’s now an IntelliJ plugin for importing an Eclipse formatter, so we should update the instructions on the wiki page to use the plugin instead. Can a volunteer update it? cc @dkayiwa @suthagar23

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I can try that :smile:

Hii @f4ww4z Sorry, I completely forgot about this, here is the updated wiki page: