Using OpenMRS 1.11.2,Getting this Error when calling the api

I read somewhere that I have to use DbSessionFactory, but I dont know how to use it.Can someone guide me?I am very new to OpenMRS

Have you seen this Replacing SessionFactory with DBSessionFactory

I didnt get how to do it

Go through the post and the links

I am very new to OpenMrs.Can you please explain what do I have to change?

Before may be i proceed what do you want to develop and achieve ?One thing i know is there are categories of development i.e Module ,Core and RefApp which is more of module development still?

However as far as i understand right now if you do not want to re-invent the wheel, you can communicate with the OpenMRS API /database using the following ways


1.Context API to call the services.

2.Rest API.

I urge you to first of all read through the documentations then we proceed from there,if you do not mind.

Can you explain me PersonService personService = Context.getPersonService();
What is context and is getPersonService some method defined by default?

The Context is an inbuilt sort Wrapping Object for all sort of service objects,so when you declare it,you can do all staff you want with the underlying API.

So If i want to retrieve data from my table how will I do it?

Can you please first read through the documentations?and may be the OpenMRS Data Model can help you have a broader picture of the API.