using "frequency" concept class

What is the “frequency” concept class and how is it used? I don’t see it listed in the 2013 article on concept classes (

Secondly, how is data entered into a field that is mapped to CIEL 162257, “Non-coded frequency” (Class = Frequency, Datatype = N/A? As free text?

Thanks. Steve

I think this might be a question for @darius. We had structured the frequency concept class to allow the UI to filter based on this list. However, for a specific use case like Medication Frequency, we allowed the question to be used as a UI selection tool and as a coded question to populate an array for prescribing. I don’t think there was any plan to capture the non-coded frequency (some folks might be putting this in the comment section), although if it was really required, we could build a construct that would include the free text field to use when non-coded was selected in the coded concept.

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The idea is that when placing orders (via the order entry API redesigned in openmrs-core 1.10) every order must have a frequency.

You need to populate the order_frequency table, and the rows you put there must reference concepts with class=Frequency (optionally also specifying a frequencyPerDay).

If you’re not recording things in the orders table, then this doesn’t matter.

Thanks, very helpful @darius and @akanter. The concept we are looking at coding is the frequency of “clean intermittent catheterization” that a patient does (e.g. q 3 hours, or 4 x / day), so this would not use the “order frequency table” so we would not, therefore, use the data class “frequency” (as 162257 does), but rather set it up like 161245 (Seizure frequency) as Class = Finding, Datatype = N/A with Set members = Number of catheterizations (to be coded) and Unit of time (161244). Is that correct? Or is there a more functional way? Thanks.