Using Form Rest Api to search Form based on the encounterType

I want to search the form based on the encounterType but I am not able to do it.

I have different available forms in openmrs,which contain encounter type like subjective

when I try to to search with this query it work unexpectedly and return all forms.I try this on


also try encounterType=e22e39fd-7db2-45e7-80f1-60fa0d5a4378

The current form resource does not seem to support searching by encounter type. Can you describe the use case from the end users perspective?

Thanks for the reply. User requirement: During the SOAP(Subjective,Objective,Assessment,Planning) user want at Objective tab only those which has the encounterType=Objective.On the hand if user is at Subjective he want to see only those forms which are relevant to Subjective encounterType.This is the requirement from user end.