Using Confluence Tools To Assist With New Projects and Transparency

So I’ve been working in isolation (bad I know) on some ways to bring better transparency and date driven development to OpenMRS. Being a volunteer driven organization I know it’s difficult to use dates as a driving factor in our work, but completely abandoning them or tying very loosely to them has also caused bad affects for us as well.

So I would like to discuss two Atlassian based tools (Jira and Confluence) and possibly start working on a process using them to help us be more transparent going forward.

  1. Is a new Project Requirements Gathering Template for the wiki and how to use it and some addition to project home pages that would be useful. see Confluence Test Project as an example. Please use this as a place to comment either here or on this test page to help figure out ways to make it better for future projects.

  2. A Promotion or Release Tracker to help show when new versions of the software are coming out and what will be included in the release.


Hey Chris. I just saw this blog posted by Atlassian that might be helpful in creating an index list of requirements, or in these pages (which I agree look good so far):

Here’s another nice-looking tool to help with roadmap style charts: