Using Appointment Scheduling API code in OpenMRS Platform

I’m using OpenMRS Platform 1.11.4, ReferenceApplication 2.3.1 and bundled modules.

I’m required to consume Appointment Scheduling API code in OpenMRS Platform: create Appointment Type from a platform Form Controller.

What should be the best approach to implement the above?? Currently I’ve two options in mind:

  1. REST Web Service Call
  2. Regular Java Call after importing appointmentscheduling-api jar file in platform

I thought it is the modules that consume the platform API instead of the other way round. Or was it just a typo? :slight_smile: That being said, we generally recommend having a REST API such that any non Java client can consume it.

It’s not a typo @dkayiwa :slight_smile:

I think REST will be the preferable option to consume appointmentscheduling api from platform code.