Username and password to connect to mysql docker container created by the sdk

I created my server using the sdk and docker. Now I have a mysql container running on port 3308 and I’ve tried connecting to it using

  1. My mysql credentials

    mysql -uroot -pmysql -P 3308 -h

  2. use openmrs

    mysql -u openmrs -p openmrs -P 3308 -h

I also tried looking at the the sdk documentation page to see if i can get the login credentials from there but nothing. What username and password do I use to connect to the mysql docker container.

By default it should be:

mysql -uroot -pAdmin123 -P3308 your_server_id

You can also determine it by going to USER_DIR\openmrs\your_server_id\ Look at connection.username and connection.password.

Would you mind adding that info to the SDK wiki? Thanks!