User login stats

Is there a way in OpenMRS for a System Administrator to know the login and logout timestamps of a particular User? Do these timestamps get stored in the Database somewhere or is there a UI to fetch these details?

Thank you!

There isn’t anything built-in that does that, but this module does add the capability to track user logins in the database or elsewhere.

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Thanks a lot @ibacher! The add-on module that you have suggested is doing wonders!


openmrs-module-authentication works perfectly fine alongside the default Authentication mechanism of OpenMRS, but there seems to be an issue when it is used with openmrs-module-oauth2login

I’m having difficulty in coming up with the right kind of configuration to make both these modules work together. Both the modules bring in very essential features by themselves, but not sure how to bring the two together.

A new thread has been created to address the pending issue here