User Account and Provider Account Relation.

Application Name: openmrs reference application Version Number: 2.5 Question: I am trying to create a angular service that fetch information related to user account and provider account.My confusion is how user account and provider account are related.Because in my knowledge I create user from person and provider also from person.Is this possible to get provider information from user response or vice versa.Here is pic what I am trying to acheive. .**

Can you describe a little bit more, what you are trying to accomplish, from the end user’s perspective?

I am trying to to get back the results of accounts for user and provider.Openmrs provider different API for creating user and provider.My confusion is that are these two things are related or not.I want to get back the information as in pic using angular 2.On the other hand If I create provider and user from the same person.I don’t see the provider account detail in that user response.So kindly clarify.How these things are related. user required resource { person:"" username:"" password:"" } provider required resource { person:"" identifier:"" } but openmrs then don’t allow me to search on person based on provider it asked for username and that is not linked directly to provider.If we consider the the same person for user and provider.

Am not asking from a technical perspective. Am just asking as an end user who does not know anything about the OpenMRS API in regards to users, providers, or persons. What functionality are you trying to implement for the users of the system (doctors, nurses, etc)

How can I count user account and provider account associated with a person.Where I can get this information in Rest API.