Use without continuous internet access, ie: rural clinic in Nicaragua

I am a medical student at Florida State University College of Medicine working with Students Interested in Global Health (SIGH). The organization is dedicated to provide continuity of care and deliver medications to the rural and medically underserved population in the poor rural village of Los Cedros, Nicaragua, and peripheral rural villages. Our work requires an electronic medical record (EMR) to assure we provide quality medical care during our service trip. Due to lack of internet connection and poor electronic resources in these rural locations, we require an EMR that does not require continuous internet access and is customizable to the needs of our clinic.

Given our unique needs, would it be possible to use OpenMRS in such a rural location?

Thank you for your assistance.

Are you looking for something like Bahmni Connect?

@ntc16, I replied to you about Bahmni via email.

You could probably also use a different (non-Bahmni) OpenMRS distribution in this scenario, as well. In general, with OpenMRS you need to have a server somewhere, and to have a local network around that server.

You could install the server on-site in Nicaragua, or you could install it on a laptop that you carry with you on the service trips. What you won’t be able to do without a lot of additional work is to have one server in the US and one in Nicaragua, automagically synchronizing.

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