Use the Discourse REST API to subscribe users to categories to replace mailing lists

It just dawned on me that we can still have the mailing list functionality in the ID dashboard, but instead of subscribing them to a mailing list, it subscribes them to the category in discourse.

Opinions? I’d like to scope this under Google Summer of Code if possible. If not done under GSoC, then I will do it myself.

Watching in Discourse is way more powerful than categories, so I think we want to encourage people to do this on the site itself where it’s fully integrated. Also IMHO their API is rather fragile and undocumented. @sunbiz may have more to say.

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I agree with @michael. In my opinion, the Dashboard should be compact enough, which means that we should focus on managing IDs, but not trying to take everything in control.

To be clear, the only reason we ran Groups through Dashboard was because we didn’t want to force a user dependency on a third party login account (i.e. Google Account).

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Just an idea – consider it dead.

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