Use of OpenMRS for Emergency medicine?

Friends, I am researching the use of OpenMRS or other Open source health IT systems for emergency medicine.

a) Have any OpenMRS components been developed in support of emergency medicine? i’m aware of the of the ED triage app developed by PIH (Emergency Department Triage Application - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki) but unclear if this is in use.

b) What components, while not directly developed for ED care, may be pivotal in supporting ED-related treatment? for example, linkage to oodo (openERP) for managing inventory would be useful for ED care.

c) Is anyone actively implementing OpenMRS or distributions for ED care?

Hi @suranga surely it is the intent of OpenMRS 3 to support triage, as you can see in such design for example:

In short yes, OpenMRS 3 with its patient lists will definitely help support ED use cases.

@grace what it the status update on such designs? Have they been handed over to devs, is anyone working on this yet?

As for the Odoo integration (and some more), this is done within #software:ozone-his. I would be curious to know what are the use cases that you have in mind here?

PIH continues to use the ED Triage app in Haiti. We will customize in the next months for Sierra Leone.

ED triage lightning talk with screen shots

ED triage app in Github

We do not connect with oodo.

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This was the Service Delivery Queues work. A good deal of it has been implemented–at least the backend parts; not sure about the frontend yet. (Tried to keep the design so it could accommodate some of the same structures as PIH’s ED triage app).

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