Use emacs like vim with spaceemacs

I have always hated the fact that I have to memorize so many key chords to accomplish the most basic task in emacs, well Spacemacs fixed this in a way that I seem to be able to tolerate! I can move around with vim style keybindings using evil – this is amazing.

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@r0bby I found that prelude become handy for novice users. Create short cut for frequent key strokes with super key.

Did you write any blog post about how do you do that? It’s interesting!. :smiley:

@milan, looked at prelude and didn’t like it. spaceemacs makes using emacs as easy as using vim. I’ll write a blog post at some point :slight_smile: likely on my blog, which is part of Openmrs Planet.

Spaceemacs intoduces the modality to emacs

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