Use another database openmrs

Hello everyone… When I setup the sdk, he also provided me a database. I would like to know if it is possible to change this base. I have a new database openmrs from another computer on mysql, i would like run openmrs with it, is it possible please?

No because OpenMRS runs the MySQL database by default so you can’t change.

thanks for your reply @jwnasambu … the database I want to use is a SQL database. What I would like to know is when I enter this command “mvn openmrs-sdk: run -DserverId = server” can I replace “server” with the database I’ve import to mysql? “server” is the base on which I setup openmrs

Hi @dlector

Yes it’s possible.U can specify the db u want to work with during the installation.

So if u have a db dump as u are saying import it to a db on u’re machine and then set up sdk.

The command “mvn openmrs-sdk: run -DserverId = server” is for starting/running a server which you have already created. The server itself has default msql database “root” just in case you desire to change, its in the process of setting up the server where you are asked the name of the “database”

Thanks @jwnasambu… i understand now.

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thanks @ayesh

@jwnasambu, @dlector you can as well upgrade the mysql version depending on your needs

@dlector when setting up the sdk,you get to a point of specifying a database and from this you can point to any database of your choice. some thing like this (jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/@Dbname@. Replace @Dbname@ with a database name of your choice.This is during the installation process of sdk. Remember also to point at the correct database port since you might be having many databases on your computer.

ok thanks @herbert24 @sharif … how can i stop the server openmrs? and restart again?

ctl + z to stop the server and mvn openmrs-sdk:run to Restart again

thanks you @jwnasambu

@sharif hello there, can I use the latest version of mysql?

Hello @maxmodise , Yes please, Go ahead and give it a try.