Usage of '/rest/emrapi/diagnosis' api in openmrs-module-emrapi

Hello all, In Bahmni, we have stopped using ‘/rest/emrapi/diagnosis’ (EmrDiagnosisSearchController) for a long time. So we are planning to remove the endpoint as a part of refactoring if it is not in use by anyone else. Please reply back if you have any concerns.

To check, this is used with the encountertransaction code, right? What does it actually do?

(I don’t know anyone using this.)

@darius this code is used to fetch diagnosis recorded from a given date but we are not using it anymore.

So, if no one is using this API, it is dead code, and should be removed.

We have removed the ‘/rest/emrapi/diagnosis’ api from openmrs-module-emrapi.

Devil’s advocate here: Why didn’t you just deprecate it?

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The API uses a portion of the EncounterTransaction contract, which I believe is not being used by anyone except Bahmni today. This is unlike openmrs-core where we expect wide usage of an API.

Also, since this is a web API, there are no compile time checks to find out dead code. We discovered by accident that we had moved out of that API a while ago.

It should probably have been deprecated, was just being more aggressive.

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Just wanted to play devil’s advocate. That is all. </devil's advocate>