Usability problems with Lab Investigation Chart

Hi, The longitudinal formatting of lab results is hard to read and not particularly user friendly for patients with lots of lab tests done.

  1. The horizontal scroll is at the bottom of the table and so user has to first scroll vertically to the bottom to be able to horizontally scroll. The problem is mainly on devices without multitouch (Mac users, mainly developers, can easily scroll to the right without having to go to bottom.)
  2. The title row is not sticky and so it disappears when the user scrolls to bottom, which makes difficult to see what test result is for what date.
  3. It takes about 20 seconds to load the lab results details page for a patient wit 130 lab tests across 21 accessions.

Attached is a GIF demonstrating the first 2 issues.

Lab result is one of the most important data elements that doctors refer to in Bahmni and this has been reported by them as causing pain in providing care.

The first 2 problems are more urgent.

Any thoughts on solution… Is this easy to fix? Should i create a JIRA card for this?

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Don’t know about the ease of fixing, but the answer to the JIRA question is always yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this so clearly @arjun . I personally support the creation of 3 defect tickets in JIRA about the above.

Thanks @mksd. I have created BAH-495 for the scroll issues and BAH-496 for the performance issue.

Please bring those up tomorrow during the PAT call, IMO it is the best way to get attention to them.

@arjun Please check the attached file for the implementation of investigation chart scrolling. I made changes in the way existing HTML uses the CSS. Specifically instead of ‘ipd-investigation, h-scroll’ CSS classes I have created a different CSS class, to meet the scrolling and the first row and column sticky.

Following are the pending points

  • HTML clean up
  • Moving styles to the appropriate CSS file

Please comment on this implementation so that it can be finalized.


@shilpa thanks for posting this. The solution looks good for scroll.

however it seems that with this change the screen space used by investigation chart has got reduced and showing only 6 tests at a time. There is no use giving half of the space to the other box when the chart is expanded. When expanded, can the chart occupy the complete space available, thereby showing as many lab tests as possible? (as it was earlier)

Also if you are hardcoding any of the width/height please be aware that Bahmni gets used on various screen sizes - 7 inch, 10 inch (tablets - android, ipad), 13 inch, 15 inch (laptops/desktops).