US/Eastern Daylight Saving Time and PM Calls

Daylight Saving Time begins in the United States on Sunday, March 11. For those of us currently observing US/Eastern Daylight Time, Monday’s project management call will be one hour earlier (i.e., the current time of our design forum). In the past PM calls have been coordinated on US Eastern Time and just swapped time slots with the design call. We have done this due to recurring meetings that some participants have. Do people want to remain on EST or move to UTC?

Scenario 1: Remain on US Eastern Time (stay under the current model where we swap call times)

  • Project Management Call - 11am EDT November would change to 12pm EST
  • Design Forum Call - 4pm UTC (12pm EDT) November would change to (11am EST)

Scenario 2: Change to UTC

  • Project Management Call - 3pm UTC (11am EDT) November would change to 3pm UTC (10am EST)
  • Design Forum Call - 4pm UTC (12pm EDT) November would change to 4pm UTC (11am EST)

Scenario 3: Change to UTC & Keep Current Order

  • Design Forum Call - 4pm UTC (12pm EDT) November would change to 11am EST
  • Project Management Call - 5pm UTC (1pm EDT) November would change to 12pm EST

I would like for those who regularly participate in project management calls to weigh in on how they would like to proceed @burke, @darius, @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @raff, @danfuterman, @ssmusoke, @maurya, @terry .

Daylight saving time can be confusing so if people have questions or think I missed something please speak up.

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Scenarios 1 and 2 look identical to me. What is the difference supposed to be?

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@darius I have added a bit more detail which I hope clears things up. Thank you for pointing out the communication gap.

Thanks @jthomas, admittedly a bit confused, but I think any of those scenarios work for me.

Are the UTC times in Scenario 3 correct? Compared to Scenario 2, it seems like this would be:

Scenario 3: Change to UTC & Keep Current Order & start an hour later

(I continue to be confused by the original post.)

The Monday design call has been on a fixed time of 4pm UTC for many years, at a time that we found to be somewhat convenient for Europe/Africa/India, and I would prefer that we don’t change this. So in my mind the only question is what we want to do with the PM call. (And now that I look closely I think that you’ve actually maintained this in all three options.)

Let me rephrase this in a way that is clearer, at least for me:

  • FYI the Monday Design Forum is scheduled at 4pm UTC, therefore people who observe DST should be prepared for it to become one hour later for them soon (next week in the US, later this month in Europe)
  • We have two choices as to what we want to do with the PM call for the next 6 months

Option A = move the PM call to keep the same 2-hour call block in US time

  • PM call moves to the hour before the Design Forum
  • PM call at 3pm UTC = 11am EDT
  • PM call moves 2 hours earlier in UTC and 1 hour earlier in US time
  • This is what we’ve usually done in the Spring

Option B = keep the same 2-hour call block in UTC

  • PM call is still the hour after the Design Forum
  • PM call at 5pm UTC = 1pm EDT
  • PM call stays the same in UTC and moves 1 hour later in US time

As a secondary choice, we can decide whether we want to simplify (some of) our lives in the future by fixing the PM call on a time in the UTC timezone also.

Personally any of these options work fine for me. (Though my least favorite is the option where the entire call block moves one hour earlier from the Seattle perspective in November.)

Also, I’d like to know if any of these PM call times make it feasible for @terry and/or @janflowers to participate regularly.

Realize DST causes confusion. Holding PM call right now and Design Forum the next hour, at least for this week.

On today’s PM call, @dkayiwa says he prefers B, but A is fine.

I’m okay with either option; however, it sounds like Option B (Design & PM both UTC and always in that order) works for most folks.

@janflowers & @terry – would either/both of you be able to join a weekly OpenMRS project management call if it were at 10am PDT in the Summer and 9am PST in the winter?

I would love to. Depends on the day - are these on Mondays?

Sorry for missing today’s call, got the times wrong. Will make sure to check the OpenMRS Calendar to confirm times.

Yes. These are on Monday’s.

Then yes - 10am PDT works great for me.

Do we have a final day/time that I can add to my calendar?

The PM call is at 3pm UTC on Monday’s and can be found on the OpenMRS Event Calendar