Urgent need for new temporary scrum leaders

Hi all! @jtatia and I are very grateful for having been given the opportunity to act as the scrum masters for the past 8 months or so!

Unfortunately, both of us will be busy this month with our final exams and hence were hoping that someone would temporarily volunteer to lead the scrum meetings until this month end.

Kindly make sure you will be regular and on time for the meetings if you wish to volunteer as the members count on you to start the meeting! :wink:

cc: @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @christine, @kwahalf, @tendomart , @dbamidele, @adams, @joelakwes, @mkiterian, @brayoh, @lwanjiru, @afrocode, @captain. @pkornowski. @dserkowski, @alalo, @malmike, @annette

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Hey @reubenv @jtatia, I volunteer to help out in handling the scrum meetings till you guys are back.

Also, wishing you success in your exams.

cc @dkayiwa

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Thanks a ton @afrocode , it means a lot!

I’m guessing that you’re already familiar with how the scrum works and stuff but if you need any assistance, feel free to ping either @jtatia or me (I’ll mostly be available on telegram) :smiley:

You are welcome @reubenv Do I start today ?

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I also volunteer to help too @reubenv

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All the best in your exams @reubenv I just saw this and I was hoping to volunteer, however I see the slot’s already taken. :slight_smile:

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@reubenv count me in

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Yup, and I see you did, thanks!

Thanks for expressing your interest in volunteering as well @joelakwes, @lwanjiru, @tendomart ! Unfortunately, as there can be only one scrum master, let’s give @afrocode the oppotunity :slight_smile: .

If you still want to be the scrum master , you may ask @afrocode to take turns with you as well ( I’d try to stay away from this as it tends to lead to a lot of confusion).

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It’s all good. I agree with you, that suggestion may bring a whole lot of confusion.

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@reubenv it’s ok…i just expressed interest on a trail :wink: There’s no need to ask @afrocode let him handle that task…

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A huge thank you to @reubenv and @jtatia for the great job you’ve done, we wish you good luck in your exams. And thanks @afrocode for volunteering, if you need any info on how to execute the role please feel free to ask.

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I would like to vouch for Scrum Master. Let me know how do I start?


@bgagan911 currently @afrocode is the scrum leader. However, I recommend that you participate in the scrums, that would be the best and easiest way to learn how it is done.

Please go through the following resources and feel free to ask for clarifications where need be.

How to Use IRC - https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/IRC/Home

Daily Scrum Meeting - https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Daily+Scrum+Meeting