URGENT help please. OpenMRS force users to logout

Mutiple providers were reviewing patient records. Openmrs started to force them to log out. The providers failed to provide necessary care. I appreciate your help.

Here is the logs https://pastebin.com/jV5C5Jp7 Also see attached file for detailed logs. The log file is huge … so I attached section of it The issue is on Sep 22 around 11:15tomcate2.txt (147.2 KB)

Is this something you can reproduce on our demo server?

Thanks @dkayiwa I am not sure how can I do so. Regarding what happened, I know is that new providers logged in to review the system (around 26 of them). Then, OpenMRS started to kick them out and they have to login in again. I know they all where reviewing the same patient chart when this happened. When less of them login, the system is back to normal.

Never heard of this happening before :frowning:

Did any of them try login with the same accounts? Is this something you can consistently reproduce even on your server? A look at the server logs could also help.

The only way I can do this is to ask them (or other volunteers to redo the process). I am trying to plan this hopefully soon.

Each user has his/her own username. On the server logs (see above), you can actually see them logging at almost the same time with their own usernames. We where orientating new providers when this happened. we usually do not get that many users login at the same time for the same patient.

Did you also confirm that their sessions did not just expire, and hence require them to log in again?

mmm … that I am not sure about. What was happening is that they were guided by their supervisor and he was explaining workflow on OpenMRS. They were following his clicks. So I doubt it is a case of having their login expires. I will confirm this when I meet their supervisor. Anything else I should keep in mind? Did you find anything in the logs above @dkayiwa

@dkayiwa Did you find anything interesting in the logs?

No (making 10 characters)

I looked at it too and didn’t find anything clear.

The session location is what seemed to fail: “javax.script.ScriptException: ReferenceError: “sessionLocation” is not defined in at line number 1”

Was it possible that the supervisor was speaking for a period of time where there was no activity, then asked the users to go to a new screen? You can figure this out by looking at the times in the log before 12:16 on 9-22-17. Was there a significant delay before then?

Also, @dkayiwa Do you know why there’s a save user action logged each time the page is viewed?


@craigappl how does that log look like?

@dkayiwa, Every time the user views the clinician facing dashboard or the “visits” dashboard, the following item is logged:

INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(115) |2017-09-28 20:07:05,362| In method UserService.saveUser. Arguments: User=admin, INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(155) |2017-09-28 20:07:05,364| Exiting method saveUser

I don’t know if that has to do with it.


@dkayiwa, I think I found it. EMRAPI is creating a “patientViewed” event every time the patient’s page is saved. The patientViewed event is saving the value to the user properties.

@yadamz, this looks like normal behavior and I don’t expect that this is the issue. I think your best bet is to look at the logs and see when the last time a particular user executed a transaction before the errors started happening at 12:16 on 9-22

@craigappl and @dkayiwa thank very much your time. I will call users to further investigate this issue