Urgent: Feedback on Potential Wearable Medical Device Integration + Pilot

Hello OpenMRS Community!

I am new to the community, and I’d like to give a little background about myself.

We built a wearable medical device and mobile EHR implementing it into some of the most remote communities in the world called Telescrypts. We were able to build within the Unicef Innovation Challenge partnering with IBM Bluemix to develop intelligent analytics with our data. We were focused in Tanzania, but with the new regulations have hindered our ability to implement our solution successfully with a bigger vision. Therefore we are very interested about the potential to collaborate with a OpenMRS, due to the brilliant community, platform reach, and impact.

We are assessing the potential to setup a focused pilot in collaboration with OpenMRS community and we need to better understand some key metrics in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique and India before we start to develop a proposal.

Therefore I’d appreciate to know more about the metrics of countries above:

  1. What are the number of clinical hospitals using OpenMRS per country?
  2. How many are public/private?
  3. How many total patients per month?
  4. What is the growth rate?

Our mission is to determine which country would be best to setup a pilot and potential collaboration with OpenMRS community and our mission. We add value to the monitoring of patients with a low-cost medical device, where most of the hospitals we have worked with have 0 or 1 device per 200+ inpatient wards. Specifically for monitoring mothers after giving birth, as these hospitals were loosing about 5 patients a week due to the lack of monitoring.

We welcome any questions, and excited to get feedback about the numbers above!

Thank you,



OpenMRS is primarily used in primary care and outpatient settings. There are some hospital implementations including Haiti (@ball, @arbaughj), Rwanda (@erickgaju), India and Bangladesh. Others might contribute contacts.

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Thanks @omron! The Leadership Team is extremely interested in pursing a relationship with you and Telescrypts.

@dkayiwa, @janflowers, @shekhar , maybe you can answer some of the questions about metrics

@omron such statistics is usually in the hands of the Ministry of Health for each respective country. I highly doubt if such people would be on this forum. The information that this community has is usually not much beyond what is here https://atlas.openmrs.org/

Hi @omron - Great to hear you’re interested in finding out more about the implementations to develop a proposal. The community is made up people from a lot of different roles in varying organizations, with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. The community brings these folks together from their jobs/roles to work on the software collectively and to share experiences and find potential collaborations. There are definitely folks in the community from each of those countries, but some of those countries have more than one implementing organization doing OpenMRS. In other words, it’s not the case that OpenMRS is out there doing implementations, but rather that OpenMRS is supporting the organizations that do those implementations, in the way that I just described (software, shared knowledge, relationships, etc).

Those metrics that you are asking for can definitely be given to you by persons in this community if they are willing and able to share that information. http://atlas.openmrs.org will give you some information, but since it is a voluntary reporting tool, isn’t always kept up to date. It might be worth finding out which implementers would be interested in working with you in order to get those metrics. As I mentioned before, I direct the OpenMRS work in Mozambique, so I can reliably say that Mozambique may have some potential interest, but would need additional exploration to determine if and to what extent.

Does that help clarify things a bit?

Hi @janflowers,

Thank you for the clarification. I do understand that OpenMRS isn’t actually out there doing it, but I was hoping that I could get a bigger picture understanding of the implementation of OpenMRS that is more detailed than the atals which I have dived into.

Our interest in understanding more about the bigger picture of the countries implementation and patient numbers is so that it’d we can focus on a proposal for in a country that balances a higher prevalence of OpenMRS being implemented, high maternal mortality rate, and technology savvy health ministry. The countries identified have the latter two, but I’d like to see which one has the largest OpenMRS community for later growth for the potential to work with other implementing organizations after successful implementation of our proposal.

Does that help at all?

Thanks for the help @dkayiwa!

@omron, you may have a look at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Implementation+Survey+2012 as well, though it’s not up to date.

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