[URGENT : FEEDBACK NEEDED] OpenMRS World Summit 2016 dates (OMRS16)

Hi all,

We are unable to hold the World summit in December as the venue is not available. Our next option is to hold it in January.

Based on the availability of the auditorium, two time slots available are the 2nd and 3rd week of Jan. We will be deciding which date to run with by 11.59 PM EDT today, so let us know your thoughts ASAP!!!

  • 2nd Week of Jan
  • 3rd Week of Jan

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Are we using solely the auditorioum?

I’m afraid that we need the auditorium for certain key events. Its not feasible to move forward with just the classrooms. So the auditorium is a bit of a blocker…

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Why not explore places other than SMU?

Whoa, this was way to short notice to judge dates. I have not been part of the leadership calls about this topic, and I have said my peace before about whose participation should sway decisions like this… but I just think asking for a one day turn around on a January date is asking a lot of people (I didn’t even see the talk message)

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I completely agree. And this is why we NEED a full time / part time paid person to worry about these matters - and i’m neither of these. Until we can figure out funding, and such resources, we will continue to keep dropping the ball, just like what happened up here ^^ :frowning:

Yah, I agree with @akanter. I don’t think we’ve had enough input on this topic. I understand @surangak that you are not a paid events person and I truly appreciate all of the work you are doing on this! Is it possible to add this topic to the leadership call today?

its already on it. We need to iron out this matter ASAP :slight_smile:

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