Uploading images using HTML form

I have followed the recommendations here: https://wiki.openmrs.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=36668565

I created a new image handler concept and a form (form name: image).

The concept and the form were created here: http://uat01.openmrs.org:8080/openmrs/login.htm

I added the form for patient name: tade tare However, the form worked but the image didnt show

Am I missing any thing? I appreciate your help

Do you have any errors in the server log files or browser JavaScript console window?

Thanks Daniel, We are using only one production server. So I avoid testing anything new on it . I use demo servers for testing. This is the server I have used: http://uat01.openmrs.org:8080/openmrs/login.htm

The form name is image. the patient name is tade tare. There is only one visit and one encounter for this patient. this encounter is visit note. the form used in it is my form.

I always appreciate your help

Have you ever tried out the openmrs standalone version for testing?

sounds like a good idea. where does it save the logs though

OK… I got it from the browser console here it is


In the logs folder under tomcat.

is the one I just posted good enough?

here it is http://pastebin.com/t3vyk2Ef

No. This is just the html source. Not an error log.

I finally got the server logs : here it is

http://pastebin.com/ik2kHtWu http://pastebin.com/j1kqHeFz

this is the pictures. it shows the form and the encounter after uploading a file

Thanks Daniel

Is this the entire log? Or have you just copied only parts of it?

parts of it … I just followed the time I encountered the error… below are link for erros and attached is the log file . Thanks again


others are too big to attach. logs.txt (1.7 MB)

This log file has a lot to follow. I recommend that you reproduce this using the OpenMRS standalone version. After you are sure that you can reproduce, delete the log file under tomcat/logs. Then repeat the steps to reproduce. This time you will have a new log file automatically created, that will have information to do with these steps.

Hello Daniel, I deleted all logs file and restarted tomcat. I tried to use the form and upload an image. Here are the logs:

http://pastebin.com/jvQcKsYh http://pastebin.com/CYZTHWU3 http://pastebin.com/tTuk4nMz http://pastebin.com/iz7urwDn

Thanks very much again

Any luck in finding the problem?

Are you able to reproduce this after you have just logged in?

Yes. I cleared all logs. log in and tries to upload images

Can you share the log after doing so.