Uploading custom UI files to production server

Hello guys,

We’ve installed Bahmni on our production server (CentOS). All working fine. Now, we would like to upload our Angular JS modified files from our development machine (with the Vagrant box) to the production server. We can’t seem to find the process on doing this in the documentation. Can anyone pls help and point us to the right direction or any tips?

Thanks for the great software!

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Can you please share details of what files you have modified and would like to deploy to your production server?

We’ve modified the Angular JS views (html) for now, changed colors to test for the EMR module. In our dev machine, all works fine as we can see the changes in the Vagrant box. We would like to upload/push our Ui changes to the production CentOS server to test the deployment workflow. This is where we have no success yet.

Thank you for replying Gurpreet.

You can use link /var/www/bahmniapps on production server to point to your dev code. Please take back up of your production files before making changes.

Refer to section " Linking EMR UI folders" in below wiki page: https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Setting+up+Bahmni+Dev+Environment

Thanks, Ravindra.