Uploading, configuring and starting openHMIS modules

**Application Name:**openMRS Version Number: 1.9.9

hey, I am quite new to openMRS and i am trying to upload the cashier module of openHMIS on my local machine. I have openMRS p and running. I have carefully paid attention to the different requirements(modules) and their respective versions prior to uploading this module. I downloaded and uploaded each of them as required but none of them is able to successfully start. Are there any configurations that i need to do? attached is a screenshot of what i have right now.

Hey there, I have been trying to install openHMIS modules on openMRS almost all weekend. I’ve tried many versions of openMRS but the modules either wont load or when they load, they do not run. However, installations done on Linux work though after a lot of troubleshooting but the same don’t run on windows. what could be the problem and the possible solution to it???

@jnakibuuka, on your screenshot it looks like as if you don’t have all the Ref App modules installed. For what I remember of the OpenHMIS distro, it runs on top of the Ref App distro 2.2. So, what I would do is:

  1. Put together a working OpenMRS instance running the Ref App 2.2.
  2. Install the wanted OpenHMIS modules on top of that.

Having said that, I am not sure what is the easiest way to obtain the Ref App 2.2… perhaps through the SDK:

mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=distro_2_2 -Dversion=2.2

Then fetch everything from ~/openmrs/distro_2_2/modules .

P.S. Perhaps @ibewes could confirm and assist you further?

It turns out certain OpenMRS versions work with certain OpenHMIS module versions [not that this is not expected] but there are little pointers to this and specific issues in the documentation. We need more insight in this. @arak2002

I seem to have a somewhat similar issue. The inventory module starts once uploaded but doesn’t seem to run normally.

I wonder what I may not be doing right.

Hello, my problem is similar to that of @baleb. My inventory module does not display anything. Could it have anything to do with the operating system? Both of us are using MacOS

Once I installed the inventory module in windows OS I could not proceed as stated by Bonny. Has this been observed by anyone else? What is the possible solution?

Hi @jnakibuuka,

You are the right track. The openhmis modules will work on OpenMRS 1.9.9. There’s a working version on our Openhmis demo site on this link. Username is demo and password is Demo1234

As a start, could you try installing our latest modules from these links: OpenHMIS Cashier module OpenHMIS Inventory Module OpenHMIS Commons Module OpenHMIS Backbone forms module As well as: Jasper Reports Also please ensure you have Idgen module and rest web services module installed.

We also have a chat room on this link: https://www.hipchat.com/gHNSPJwzw

Thanks, Jeremy. OpenHMIS Team.

Hi @talutambudde,

The openhmis modules work well on both linux and windows. We have a chatroom where we can troubleshoot further here: https://www.hipchat.com/gHNSPJwzw Kindly let us know the version of tomcat, mysql, openmrs platform and openmrs reference application that you are using. We do also have documentation for the Cashier module on this link as well as documentation for the Inventory module.

Could you try installing our latest modules from these links: OpenHMIS Cashier module OpenHMIS Inventory Module OpenHMIS Commons Module OpenHMIS Backbone forms module And Jasper Reports Also please ensure you have Idgen module and rest web services module installed.

Feel free to reach out to us on the chatroom as well: https://www.hipchat.com/gHNSPJwzw

Thanks, Jeremy. OpenHMIS Team

Thanks @mksd and @mpmysight The OpenHMIS modules Require at least Ref App distro 1.9.9. We do have a running samples on our demo site. For openmrs 1.9.9, the link to the demo site is: http://build.openhmisafrica.org/openmrs/index.htm For openmrs 2.3.1, the link to the demo site is http://build.openhmisafrica.org/openmrs2/login.htm User name for both sites is demo and password Demo1234.

We welcome you input on how to improve or highlight this in the Inventory and cashier documentation.

@baleb @balirwa and @nkirui what version of the openhmis modules are you running? Also, please try and perform an Inventory stock operation like a distribution operation in the Create Inventory Operation link. The pending Operations page in your screenshot shows a summary of the Inventory Operations. This may be blank if there are no inventory operations that have been done. This is documented in the Inventory documentation: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenHMIS+Inventory+Module

Do have a look at our demo site mentioned above, you should see something like this:

We are available on this chatroom for further assistance: https://www.hipchat.com/gHNSPJwzw

Thanks, Jeremy, OpenHMIS Team

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I think the documentation should very specific on what modules work what with what version openMRS,cos you realize certain modules crash openMRS especially if not compatible with the version

Thanks @whiscard, I’ve successfully deployed 1.9.9 and the the inventory module is now working fine on mac OS

@kasiiti, noted thanks for the feedback.

@baleb Noted, thanks.

Jeremy OpenHMIS Team

Thanks @whiscard. Everything is working fine.

Thank you @whiscard, my inventory module is now working! Had to configure the rest web services module.

@jnakibuuka, Noted thanks. Did you have to change anything?

@balirwa, Noted thanks for the feedback.

@whiscard I used the module versions that were used on the demo site. Looks like i have to upload jasper reports to be able to process a bill with the cashier module.