Uploaded DCOM Object Image is not displaying/found on oviyam2. Even bahmni oviyam2 demo is not displaying

Hello, I am facing a big problem in viewing images uploaded in dcm4chee. I have successfully followed the step provided in https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/23396367/Test+PACS+Setup+with+Bahmni+PACS+Simulator. The uploaded image displayed in the case of Centos 7 is minimal, but not in Centos 7 with GUI or any graphical Centos OS. Even I have tried to see uploaded data on bahmni demo and the images are not displayed even.


  • Click the search button
  • Expand one user by clicking the plus sign and you will get an icon without an image that shows an error.

Here is an image in my dev environment installed with centos 7 minimal and Images are displayed.

Our production environment is installed with Centos 7 GUI for the technical personal most them are comfortable with the graphical interface. If anyone has faced this issue before It will be great we discuss it. Also, why the bahmni demo oviyam2 is not displaying images. Thank you

its do with oviyam version. Bahmni 0.92 and older use oviyam2.1 which fails to render the layouts in newer versions of chrome and FF. Upgrading to Oviyam 2.8 fixes the problem, but introduces another which we are trying to resolve with Oviyam community. Bahmni 0.93 will come with upgraded Oviyam. If you must use 0.92, then

  1. wait for few weeks till we fix the oviyam issue (querying studies by accession number) fixed - and then follow a manual upgrade
  2. DM me your mail and I can send you an instruction to manually do series of steps (Upgrade Oviyam 2.8, drop a custom OMOD, create a custom display control) -

Thank you for your information. It helps a lot.