Upload MRS to a server

Hey Guys! Silly question, but I am trying to upload openmrs to my aws server which I setup for tomcat

But it just keeps erroring…does anyone have any knowledge or possibly a guide on this? Thanks!

Kindly share the error logs using pastebin and someone will help you out.

see attahced image

The issue is with the version of file you are running. Kindly is it okay you share the file type and version you are running?

Sure thing! I downloaded from here Download – OpenMRS.org the rar file Reference Application 2.11.0 Is there something I am missing? I have tried tomcat and java on the server but still the same error… the below are the options i have available…any thoughts on which to select? Capture

Have you already installed an OpenMRS Platform WAR?

No I have downloaded and when i go to install it keeps erroring so I delete the instance and then try with different platforms through AWS

Hopefully you mean “WAR file” instead of “RAR” (RAR is a different archive format). Also, at least to get things going, I’d make sure to download this verison.

Finally, do you have any control over the version of Tomcat that’s running? OpenMRS is generally only tested against Tomcat 7, which may not be available any longer on AWS as its EOL.

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Yep I meant WAR file my apologies haha, I couldnt find tomcat 7 so i ended going with tomcat9 but im going to go through some more of the documents within the wiki and then go from there thanks!

You can also try installing the sdk instance at your convenient time.