Upgrading to SNAPSHOT versions for module development

I’m trying to get started developing on the coreapps module. I’ve created a distribution server using the SDK and downloaded the module code. I used openmrs-sdk to watch the module in that server. When I try to run the server, I get the error

Module Core Apps Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): emrapi 1.25.0-SNAPSHOT Please install and start these modules first.

emrapi 1.25.0-SNAPSHOT is in ./m2/repository I’ve tried running mvn clean install -Demrapiverison=1.25.0-SNAPSHOT and mvn run -Demrapiverison=1.25.0-SNAPSHOT to no avail.

How can I make OpenMRS use the emrapi version that coreapps needs?

Can you check out the emrapi module and compile its snapshot version?

I could do that, yeah.

The EhCache Manager initialization time increases for each locally-compiled module, doesn’t it?

Is there a way to tell in advance how much of the dependency chain I need to check out and compile manually?

Also, more generally, is there a way to tell before starting the server what module versions it’s going to try to load?

@bistenes you need to upgrade your server instance to the later version of EMRAPI. You should be able to run:

mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=serverId

Then choose when prompted:

  • 1 - module
  • 2 - default (org.openmrs.module)
  • 3 - emrapi
  • 4 - choose the latest snapshot version that you need


That did it. Thanks so much, Mike!