Upgrading the Developer stage for Brandon Istenes

Hi community,

I’d like to recommend that we grant @bistenes the developer stage of /dev/3. Brandon has been a senior developer at PIH for over a year and is leading much of our effort towards shifting to microfrontends and supporting this effort within the community. Brandon has also led the implementation of OpenMRS across our implementations in Mexico. Currently Brandon is focused on upgrading and fixing some of our historical OWAs as well as evaluating what it would take (and whether it would be worthwhile) to migrate these to microfrontend ESMs in the short/medium term and it would be helpful for him to have /dev/3 status in order to have easier access to these Github repositories and continue to take a lead role with other community efforts.

Thanks for considering! Mike


@bistenes congratulations! you deserve it

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Congratulations @bistenes, this is well deserved! Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Has my vote!

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Congratulations @bistenes

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:100:% agreed, kudos to @bistenes. Let’s give him the credentials he deserves and needs.

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congs @bistenes

Congratulations @bistenes. I am inspired

Very well deserved. We are so lucky to have you @bistenes in the OpenMRS Community! :slight_smile:

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Aspiring to inspire. :Congz @bistenes to the higher ground. :fist_right: :fist_left:

Congratulation @bistenes

This is more than deserved. Congrats @bistenes!

Thanks team!!!