Upgrading Reuben Varghese to Dev Stage /dev/3

Does any one object to upgrading @reubenv to /dev/3?

Below are his own words:

I joined OpenMRS back in December 2016. Since then I have had the wonderful opportunity to interact with an awesome set of devoted devs. I have been a GSoC student and worked with Darius and Mike as my mentors. I was also the Scrum master from March 2017 to November 2017 along with Jai Tatia. My work mainly revolves around that on OpenMRS AddOns. I have worked on this project since it’s very inception and am very proud of how it is helping the community. I have seen AddOns develop from a nascent stage to going on to replace Modulus and become the official module repository for OpenMRS. Currently, I help maintain AddOns and work on new features to be included in the future releases along with Darius. I also reviews PRs and help developers get their modules indexed in Addons. I have also had the opportunity to be a GCI mentor for OpenMRS in GCI 2017 and hope to be one(or maybe even an admin!) for GCI 2018 as well!



Because no one has objected, the change has been effected. :slight_smile:

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I’m behind on email but here is my +1!

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Sounds good to me

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