Upgrading Ref App to use Platform 2.0 / Java

We recently updated the Ref App to build against Platform 2.0, which I believe broke some of the builds because of Java compatibility issues.

Do we have a strategy around this? I don’t think we are ready to say that all new releases of modules that the reference app uses will require Java 8. Is there a way around this?

(Thanks to @dkayiwa for looking into this)

Take care, Mark

As of now all the builds are green.

We definitely do not want to make all reference application modules start requiring openmrs-core 2.0 and Java 8. (That wasn’t the solution here, was it?)

We just temporarily reverted @maurya’s commit until when help desk gives him access to http://int02.openmrs.org/

@dkayiwa I’m confused? When you say temporary, do you mean that the plan is to switch back to using core 2.0? Is there a way to do this without requiring core 2.0 and Java 8?

Thanks, Mark

The plan is to switch back to platform 2.0 for the reference application distro once we figure out how to make the dependant modules compile without requiring them to also switch to 2.0

Got it! Thanks @dkayiwa!

@darius i sent a help desk request with my public key and got a response that the owner of int02 is the one to give me ssh access. You seem to be the owner. :slight_smile:

This has been the case for a long time. Update your documentation and please stop emailing help desk about it.

Sorry, I did not realize that I was the owner of this machine.

@dkayiwa, I see a /home/dkayiwa folder on that machine, with an authorized ssh key. If you aren’t able to log in, then send me your public key and I’ll add that one.

@darius i tried and failed to connect with “Host key verification failed.” I have sent my public key to your gmail account.

@dkayiwa, I put that key in the authorized_keys file, but it looks very much like the one that was already there…

This one has worked. Thanks @darius :slight_smile: