Upgrading OpenMRS standalone from version 1.8.3 to 2.1.2 - NEED HELP!

Greetings all,

I am currently running an upgrade from openmrs standalone version 1.8.3 to a higher version. I have downloaded the latest version 2.7.0 which happens to be version 2.1.2


I copied the newly downloaded .WAR file into the /home/user/openmrs/tomcat/webapps directory and deleted the already existing openmrs-standalone .WAR file and openmrs-standalone folder in that directory then pasted the new .WAR file and rename it to (openmrs-standalone.war)

It finally executes and unzipped the .WAR file then lunches the browser and displays that error shown.

This approach was recommended by a core openmrs developer.

I have provided the full stack trace >>> CLICK HERE

I need URGENT assistance in resolving this upgrade errors.

Thank you G.Gomez

Hi @ggomez - We on the eSaude team are having problems with our upgrade to 2.x as well. See this thread and the label in JIRA to collect issues. I’m not sure if upgrading the stand alone would have similar issues, but it might be working with those folks in that thread and planning for that sprint to determine if your issues are the same?

Thank you @janflowers for the swift reply.

It seems like they didn’t arrive at a posible solution yet and am hoping to fix this errors soon. I encountered another error after clearing the first error (view ‘openmrs.pharmacy_forms’) the view is not unsed in our implementation. See below:

==================== >>> Full Stacktrace Here

Unable to update the database. See server error logs for the full stacktrace.

??? liquibase-update-to-latest.xml : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘Image FROM import WHERE 1 = 0’ at line 1???

??? Caused By: Precondition Error???

??? Reason: ???

???There was an error while updating the database to the latest. file: liquibase-update-to-latest.xml. Error: Migration failed for change set liquibase-update-to-latest.xml::201011051300::bwolfe:???



Thanks G.Gomez

How many records do you have in the table named “import”?

The table “import” contain only two rows with records.

Do you need them?

I don’t need the data in this table, should i clear the records in the table or drop the table entirely?

Drop the table because it is the cause of the error you are getting with the upgrade.

Thank you @dkayiwa … I have deleted the table and it moved from that stage. Isn’t crossing “Dropping unused date_started column from obs table” rather it redirected me to the login page. see images below: See stacktrace Here

Please advice a way forward. Thanks

Given the fact that this is on the biggest obs table, it is most likely the fact that the query is still running. You can confirm this by looking at the tomcat log. The advise is to give it some time for it to complete.

@ggomez did this eventually complete?

Hi @dkayiwa ,

Thanks for the followup. No, it didn’t complete fully, I ran into another error again. see attached image and full stack trace log.

You will need to share the tomcat log.

Here is the logs Click


From the log, this is the page with instructions on how to proceed: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Prepare+for+Upgrading+From+a+Pre-1.10+to+1.10+or+Later+Version

Actually the clue is right in the error messages in screenshot you shared, it does suggest the issue and points you to the page you need to visit to be able to upgrade from pre 1.10 to 1.10 and above.

Thanks for the support:

I followed the link provide on that error output and I’ve installed the Upgrade Helper 1.10 Module but it throws back an error: See image below and error log - LOG HERE

It’s likely that module has not been tested against versions of the platform >= 2.0. You might need to use the module to get you from 1.9.x to 1.10.x, and then remove it, and do the rest of the upgrade.