Upgrading OpenMRS - Optimization - IHVN

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The Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) eHealth and mHealth (Health Informatics) team is currently running an optimization drive towards upgrading its OpenMRS system to a newer version. Attached is the new interface (reference application) being currently design by the team in Abuja.

Kindly update us with any latest OpenMRS development happening in Nigeria and as well towards the sub-region and how we can all learn from your experiences moving forward. For organizations willing to adapt OpenMRS can as well reach out to best advice a suitable distribution that suits your implementation.

Warmest regards<img Gibril Gomez IHVN OpenMRS West Africa

@ssmusoke do you have any advice or experience from UgandaEMR to share?

@dkayiwa I’m having difficulties updating Identifier on patient registration app. Do you by any chance want to share or guide on how to go about this. I will also like to add more ID’s as well. see codes below.

{ “id”: “referenceapplication.registrationapp.myRegisterPat”, “instanceOf”: “registrationapp.registerPatient”, “label”: “Register a New Patient”, “description”: “Create a new Patient Record”, “extensions”: [ { “id”: “referenceapplication.registrationapp.registerPatient.homepageLink”, “extensionPointId”: “org.openmrs.referenceapplication.homepageLink”, “type”: “link”, “label”: “referenceapplication.app.registerPatient.label”, “url”: “registrationapp/registerPatient.page?appId=referenceapplication.registrationapp.myRegisterPat”, “icon”: “icon-user”, “order”: 1, “requiredPrivilege”: “App: registrationapp.registerPatient” } ], “config”: { “afterCreatedUrl”: “/coreapps/clinicianfacing/patient.page?patientId={{patientId}}”, “allowManualIdentifier”:“false”, “sections”: [ { “id”: “patient-ids”, “label”: “Patient Identifier”, “questions”: [ { “legend”: “PEPFAR ID Number”, “id”: “pepfarid_patientIdentifier”, “fields”: [ { “type”: “patientIdentifier”, “label”: “PEPFAR ID Number”, “formFieldName”: “pepfarNumber”, “uuid”: “5de409b9-1eea-4337-bd22-ec5d2881b030”, “widget”: { “providerName”: “uicommons”, “fragmentId”: “field/text” }, “cssClasses”: [“required”] } ] } ] },

{ “id”: “contactInfo”, “label”: “registrationapp.patient.contactInfo.label”, “questions”: [ { “legend”: “Person.address”, “fields”: [ { “type”: “personAddress”, “label”: “registrationapp.patient.address.question”, “widget”: { “providerName”: “registrationapp”, “fragmentId”: “field/personAddressWithHierarchy”, “config” : { “shortcutFor”: “address1”, “manualFields”: [“address2”] } } } ] },

                        "legend": "registrationapp.patient.phone.label",
                        "id": "phoneNumberLabel",
                        "fields": [
                                "type": "personAttribute",
                                "label": "registrationapp.patient.phone.question",
                                "formFieldName": "phoneNumber",
                                "uuid": "14d4f066-15f5-102d-96e4-000c29c2a5d7",
                                "widget": {
                                    "providerName": "uicommons",
                                    "fragmentId": "field/text"
                                "cssClasses": ["phone"]

“config”: { “allowManualIdentifier”:“true” }