Upgrading my module ui to have the look and feel of openmrs 2.0

Hello guys, please help me out here. We have several modules that run on openmrs 1.9.x… we have used backbone forms and jsp pages, if you know how i can upgrade the module such that they have the look and feel of the latest openmrs 2.0 please help me out. the modules can be found on out github page https://github.com/OpenHMIS/openmrs-module-openhmis.inventory and https://github.com/OpenHMIS/openmrs-module-openhmis.cashier. Thank you in advance.

Did you get a chance to look at these resources?


I did. however they are using gsp pages while we are using jsp pages. is there a way to change the look and feel without changing almost everything in my module? The modules aready appear in the openmrs dashboard, but they have the dafault css that we used in our modules

It would be great to upgrade the legacy JSPs with the 2.0 CSS.